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Supplier Declaration concerning Code of Conduct

This document sets out the minimum ethical standard applicable to Gylling Teknikk AS’s suppliers. This minimum ethical standard shall apply regardless of where the subsidiaries, associated companies or suppliers are registered or conduct their activities. Whenever conventions, laws or regulations deal with the same topic, the strictest standard shall apply.

If a supplier uses sub-contractors to fulfil the contract, the supplier is responsible for communicating the requirements to its sub-contractors and cooperation partners and ensuring that they are met. This shall apply throughout the value chain.

Compliance with legislation and conventions

The supplier shall comply with local legislation in the countries in which it has operations. Moreover, it shall comply with relevant provisions relating to the conduct of business activities contained in international agreements.

Compliance with fundamental ethical standards

The supplier shall comply with fundamental ethical standards relating to business practices, the safeguarding of human rights and workers' rights, and relating to the supplier’s own conduct when competing for business. The requirements shall apply both to the supplier’s business operations and to the supplier's staff.

1.         Human rights

Internationally recognised human rights shall be respected. The supplier shall avoid contributing to breaches of human rights.

2.         Worker rights

 a. The supplier shall ensure that the working environment is always sound with regard to the workers' health, environment, safety and welfare.

b. Child labour shall not be used; see the definition in the ILO convention concerning the minimum age of 15 years.

c. The supplier shall not contribute to any form of forced labour, slave labour or involuntary labour.

d. The supplier shall not contribute to discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, trade-union membership or political affiliation.

e. The supplier shall not permit a foreign worker to work for a lower remuneration than the applicable national legal standard on minimum wage or be subject to poorer working conditions than are customary for corresponding work in the country in which the work is performed.

f. The Supplier shall secure that working hours are not excessive and as a minimum comply with applicable local laws.

g. The right to join or establish trade unions and to engage in collective bargaining shall be respected.

3. The environment

Gylling wishes to be a socially responsible market participant that takes responsibility for reducing its impact on the external environment through the use of environmentally efficient solutions. The supplier shall deal with environmental issues in accordance with the precautionary principle and shall actively make decisions that minimise negative environmental impacts. The supplier shall have in place an effective system for continuously minimising the negative environmental impact of its activities.

4. Business practices

a. Corruption and other financial irregularities are unacceptable. The supplier shall work actively to combat all forms of corruption, and shall not, either itself or through middlemen, offer, promise or confer an improper advantage to any public official, to a third party or to a Gylling employee. An act may constitute corruption even if the person who receives the advantage or offer does not provide a service in return.

b. International trade restrictions adopted by the Norwegian state shall be observed. Such restrictions shall include restrictions on the export and import of goods, services and technology and restrictions on financial transactions.

c. Confidential information to which the supplier gains access through its cooperation with Gylling shall be respected and protected.


I hereby confirm that our enterprise complies with these ethical standards and will communicate the requirements to its sub-contractors and help to ensure that they are met. I accept that Gylling Teknikk AS will be entitled to review and verify compliance with the aforementioned standards.



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Last update 01.03.2023